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Bokeh simulator & depth of field calculator

Distance units:  
Model: Background: Orientation:
(equiv. {{f*sensor.multiplier | number:0}}mm)  
crop: {{sensor.multiplier | number:2}}x
Make: Model: crop: {{cameraModel.m | mbNumber:2}}x
The model cannot be placed further than the background.
Distance: cm = {{y0/1000|infiniteNumber:2:units}} ft = {{y0/914.4|infiniteNumber:2}}yd
Background: cm = {{y/1000|infiniteNumber:2:units}} ft = {{y/914.4|infiniteNumber:2}}yd
Saved settings
Focal length Aperture Sensor Distance Background Bokeh Remove
{{params.f}}mm f/{{params.a|number:1}} {{params.format}} {{params.cameraMake.make}} {{params.cameraModel.model}} {{params.y0/1000|infiniteNumber:2:units}} {{params.y/1000|infiniteNumber:2:units}} {{fourierBlurTypes[params.fourierBlurType]}}-
No saved settings
Simulation Background blur: {{r | number:3:0}}mm / {{lines| maxNumber:0:maxLines}} / {{mpix | maxNumber:1:maxMpix}}Mpix Optimal f-number: f/{{optiA | number:1}} ({{optiR | number:3}}mm / {{optiLines | maxNumber:0:maxLines}} / {{optiMpix | maxNumber:1:maxMpix}}Mpix)
Background blur: {{r | number:3:0}}mm / {{lines | maxNumber:0:maxLines}}  / {{mpix | maxNumber:1:maxMpix}}Mpix Diffraction: {{airy | number:3}}mm / {{diffractionLines | maxNumber:0:maxLines}}  / {{diffractionMpix | maxNumber:1:maxMpix}}Mpix
Maximum background scale exceeded. Model distance cannot be smaller than lens focal length
An error occured during loading background images.
Processing in progress...
Error occured during processing.
Try again.
Depth of field {{nearDOF/1000 | infiniteNumber:2:units}} ~ {{farDOF/1000 | infiniteNumber:2:units}} ({{(farDOF-nearDOF) | smartNumber:units}})
Circle of confusion: {{sensor.c | number:4}}mm
Max. f-number:
f/{{maxA | number:1}}
In front of subject:
{{frontDOF | smartNumber:units}} ({{frontDOF/(frontDOF+backDOF)*100 | infiniteNumber:1}}%)
Behind subject:
{{backDOF | smartNumber:units}} ({{backDOF/(frontDOF+backDOF)*100 | infiniteNumber:1}}%)
Hyperfocal distance:
{{hyperfocal/1000 | infiniteNumber:2:units}} (>{{hyperfocal/2000 | infiniteNumber:2:units}})

    {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+0.5}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+1}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+1.5}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+2}}

          {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+1}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+2}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+3}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+4}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+5}} {{ctrl.previewZoomScaleStart()+6}}

Bokeh simulator and depth of field calculator

This application calculates the camera depth of field and background blur in a photo and simulates it on a model together with perspective distortions and different types of lens blur (bokeh) for any lens, camera and distance combination. It includes also diffraction effects and hyperfocal calculation.

Activating the help mode shows description of the interface elements. By clicking on one of the buttons with question mark () you can read detailed information about particular panel of the interface.

The simulator makes use of modern web technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS3 and may not work correctly in older browsers. It has been tested to work with Chrome 20.0, Firefox 4.0, Opera 12.0, Safari 6.0, Internet Explorer 10 and newer. The most fluid operation is provided by Chrome.

You can mail me at: or contact me on Facebook: Any feedback, bug reports and opinions are welcome.

Michael Bemowski is the author and owner of all copyrights except models drawings and background photos, which are published under Creative Commons licence or in public domain. Copying and distributing this application in different way than linking to this page is FORBIDDEN!

  • The depth of field simulation works now also on the model: ears, nose and face are blurred depending on the calculated depth of field.
  • Introduced perspective distortions on the model: the appearance of model's face changes at small distances.
  • Modified set of models - they now differ also in height.
  • Video 16:9 mode that changes the image ratio to typical for HD video.
  • New depth of field preview zoom feature allows to precisely see its range on the person even for small values of DOF.
  • The links generated for current settings are much shorter now. The old links will still work.
  • Thanks to the kindness of administrator a list of digital photo and video cameras has been added. Based on this data the sensor size and focal length range is set.
  • Improved support for different screen sizes, especially small, mobile devices screens.
  • A mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets has been released on Google Play.
  • Enhanced offline version: easier installation: it now works independently from the browser installed in your system.
  • Stoping the bokeh simulation is now possible during processing.
  • Sensors sizes list cleanup: added large format film and very small sensors, division of the list into groups.
  • Expansion of the circle of confusion sizes list with values corresponding to typical video sizes. Division of the list into groups.
  • When the distance from the model to the camera is small, its head is placed on more interesting background instead of on the sky.
  • Faster background images loading thanks to better compression.
  • Completly new advanced bokeh simulation feature. It allows to simulate different types of real-world background lens blur: from soft disks, through polygonal diaphragms to rings from a catadioptric lens.
  • Added option that allows to lock the distance between the model and the background - it simulates the photographer movement with constant position of the model.
  • Facebook page for the application is now available: Like it and subscribe to get notified instantly about new features in the future!
  • Changed model positiong algorithm when background scaling is enabled - it no longer moves when focal length is changed.
  • Displaying opitmal and maximum f-number when diffraction effects are enabled.
  • Cookies warning fixes: it is not shown and the page does not hang if the cookies are blocked.
  • New feature for generating links to the current parameters.
  • Added saved settings list sort feature.
  • Displaying the beginning of the DOF at the hyperfocal distance.
  • Ability to choose in which units the distances are shown: metric (meters, centimeters) or imperial (feet, inches, yards).
  • Ability to change slider value with mouse wheel.
  • I introduced the "Donate" button that allows you to send me some amout of money if you like the application.
  • Displaying number of megapixels corresponding to the calculated blur.
  • Fixes in calculation and displaying of depth of field values for distances close to the hyperfocal distance.
  • Limited scale on the DOF preview in mobile version in order to be more readable on small screens.
  • Some optimalizations to speed up the application, especially in mobile mode.
  • Introduced mobile version, which allows to comfortably use the application on smaller screens.
  • Added the ability to move the model and tree silhouettes in order to change their distances in the configuration.
  • New option allowing to choose other, than the traditionally adopted in photography, circle of confusion size.
  • Added option allowing to inlcude diffraction when calculating image blur.
  • Introduced new guide, which presents all features of the application and replaces existing descriptions of the panels.
  • Because it turned out, that web browsers cannot poperly save the webpage on disk I have provided downloadable version in a zip file.
  • Added several new sensor sizes an ability to choose them with size preview.
  • It is now possible to enter triple the focal length avaliable on the slider for each sensor size.
  • Fixed typo in sensor sizes: 35mm DX -> FX.
  • Added 1m scale intervals in the DOF panel.
  • Moved to new domain, added English translation.
  • More sensor sizes to choose from: medium format, DSLRs and compact cameras.
  • Ability to change slider value by clicking on its track.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 9 and higher.
  • Added top menu and date of last update.
  • Added fullscreen mode button.
  • Moved description from bottom to dialogs avaliable from top menu.
  • 8 new background images with much bigger resolution.
  • Ability to choose models and backgrounds from thumbnails view.
  • Saving all settings and restoring them at the next visit to the page. Added reset button to revert them to default values.
  • Changed method of positioning the model relative to the background in order to be more realistic (in previous version the background moved when focal length changed).
  • Better fitting the content to the window width.
  • Bugfixes, layout adjustments etc.
  • First version of the application.
* Backgrounds marked with asterix are better suited for working with lock frame option, because of slightly different way of positioning the model.








Large format The large format scale is 5x smaller relative to other sizes.
Medium format
DSLRs / mirrorless
Compact cameras

Advanced bokeh simulation does not work in your browser.

Please update it or use another one. Minimum supported browsers versions:

Chrome 20.0

Firefox 4.0

Opera 12.0

Safari 6.0

Internet Explorer 11

Excellent 5 blades diaphragm
Soft 6 blades diaphragm
Neutral 7 blades diaphragm
Hard 8 blades diaphragm
Catadioptric lens 9 blades diaphragm

The offline version allows you to use the simulator without an internet connection. In order to reduce the size, it contains only four backgrounds.

Below you can choose the version suitable for your operating system:

Android Windows
Get it on Google Play Portable version (56MB)
Installer (50MB)
OS X Linux
OS X - .app (61MB) Linux - 32-bit (65MB)
Linux - 64-bit (63MB)

Android app is now available.

Go to Google Play to download it and use the simulator without internet connection.

Get it on Google Play

A new version of the application is available.

Go to to download the update.


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